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Dietary Products

River of Life Clinic

Combining science, tradition and compassion, along with innovative healing and hope towards creating health and vitality.

Childhood Conditions

For Colds & influenza, Chronic Conditions, Colic, Collitis, Constipation, Cold Sores and more

Dietary Programs

Changing your weight and Dietary Programs, Therapies for Cardiac Patients, Lowering Cholesterol and Hypertension and Consultation Available On an Individual Basis

Free Health Seminars

Ongoing FREE Health Seminars, Physical Health and How to manage Stress & Anxiety

Changing your weight and Dietary Programs

Lowering Cholesterol and Hypertension.

Consultation Available On an Individual Basis
For Program Dietary and Supplemental Advice Available.
Please take action at the first warning signs of Heart Problems

  • Potent liquid Cayenne formula for the prevention of heart attacks
  • Natural Nitric oxide - the Nitric Factor. For the cleansing of artery plaque

- Food And Dairy Allergies. (Ear, Nose and Throat Problems)
- Collitis and IBS
- Chronic Constipation
- Hormonal Issues
- Wheat Intolerance
- Candida Albicans
- Acne
- Chronic Infections
- Arthritis Acid, Alkaline Balance Diet
- Reflux
- Cancer Protocols

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Our products range from Hormones, Adult stem cell products, Coloidal minerals, Herbal formulas, Bio identical hormones, Gluten intolerance therapies and more

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